Les coulisses de l'histoire de Khaven

Behind the scenes of Khaven's story

It was in Chile, during an internship in the hotel industry, that Khaven 's story began. I discovered seamless swimsuits one evening on Instagram.
The idea is planted and it will never leave me.
A few months later, I moved to Australia and discovered the art of living in perpetual summer.
I worked as a waitress and spent all my free time dreaming about this project that had been on my mind for a while now.
When I wasn't working, I read biographies of entrepreneurs and tried to structure the project so that I could tell my parents and my friends about it... when I had the courage.
My parents supported me from the start. For my friends, the idea seemed a bit absurd. I had no fashion experience and fairly limited funds. Thinking about it, I must have looked very naïve.
Determined to start despite everything, I returned to Casablanca in 2015.
Creating a business in Morocco seemed much simpler to me than in France.
After finding a factory that agreed to follow me at the end of 2015, I had the hope of being able to launch the first collection for the summer of 2016, but the deadlines were untenable and I didn't want to rush this pretty project.
I then spent several months alongside the workers at the factory. I learned a lot thanks to them: the choice of material, the complexity of sewing in a sheath, the first braid tests...
It was therefore in May 2017 that I launched the first Khaven collection, after months of work and whole days spent at the factory learning. My friend Anna poses for the photo shoot of this first collection and this day is still one of my fondest memories.
I felt like everything was finally falling into place after months/years of dreaming and working.
To give you an idea, I had 80 swimsuits produced (one-piece and set combined) for this first collection. With 200 Instagram followers, every sale was a win!
I still remember my first (and only!) client on the first day: Morgane.
She is still a Khaven client today and it is a source of great pride!
I spent the next 3 years in Casablanca between the factory and my apartment/office trying to grow Khaven on my own.
Between the creation of collections, development, supply of materials and accessories, production management, marketing, order preparation and after-sales service, I learned to manage my business from A to Z.
I had a lump in my stomach before each collection launch and I saw the slightest negative comment as a failure.
These years have brought their share of questioning and errors (hello the production of 300 off-white Mila stockings with a colored elastic band...) but also many victories such as the first shooting abroad, in Australia, for the summer 2019 collection.. My nod to the country that pushed me to get started!
After a year 2020 full of questions about my brand and its future, I decided to return to France and take Khaven with me.
At the end of 2020, Khaven becomes a French company, my friend Astrid - 'the brain' in Khaven jargon - joins me and becomes my partner.
Together, everything goes faster and I see his arrival as a renewal for Khaven . Alone I was making good progress, together we go for it. And then what are we kidding.
Despite all the unforeseen events, this year 2021 will have been one of happy first times for Khaven :
First office, first press releases, Mathilde - 'the child' in Khaven jargon - who joined us and became our social media manager.
I am well aware that the Khaven adventure continues thanks to those who have supported me since the beginning and to those who have joined us along the way, so THANK YOU.